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Started by mikee , September 10th, , PM. Temperature values from Homeseer to Blue iris by Corvl1. Started by Corvl1 , October 9th, , PM. PluginProc:Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation by troy.

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Started by troy. Camera IR control from events by logbuilder. Started by logbuilder , September 25th, , PM. Blue iris not sending motion alerts by sj.

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Started by sj , February 8th, , PM. Profile changing is placing BI in Hold by Kitar. Started by Kitar , September 5th, , PM. Blue Iris V5 by Traction Tim.

Feature request by Rvtravlr. Started by Rvtravlr , November 27th, , PM. What's the Plan to Upgrade to v5? Started by basshook , August 16th, , AM.

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Started by clafa , July 28th, , PM. Camera group changing by Kitar. Started by Kitar , July 28th, , PM. Started by xzxz , January 13th, , PM.

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Feature request: restart camera by cc Started by cc , June 26th, , AM. Error in log by Rvtravlr. Started by Rvtravlr , April 5th, , PM. Camera inactive status by cc Started by cc , May 30th, , PM. Orphaned cameras?? Started by Miamijerry , May 22nd, , AM. Triggers while continuous recording set in BI by dmiller.

Started by dmiller , May 1st, , AM. Started by socalsharky , March 24th, , AM. Started by Scoot , March 29th, , PM. Wow, what a combination! Started by Rvtravlr , November 16th, , PM. Started by field , March 11th, , PM. Enable and disable motion detection slow by Burrington. Started by Burrington , February 7th, , PM. How to get new camera to add in BI plugin by The Profit. Blue-iris not working by trevor-austin. Started by trevor-austin , August 15th, , AM. Is there a way to Set a PreSet?

Started by Rvtravlr , January 21st, , PM. Lost ability to control by BattleDroid. Can I view cameras and recordings on HSTouch? Started by ryuvann , August 8th, , AM. Device: Trigger not working. Motion alerts stopped processing. Started by Rvtravlr , January 6th, , PM. No "camera action" or "server action" unavailable by goldriver. Started by goldriver , December 17th, , AM. Disable Camera Action?

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Started by Rvtravlr , November 15th, , PM. Will BlueIris add face recognition feature? Created camera then deleted it. Getting errors.

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Started by Rvtravlr , November 5th, , PM. No Picture by jjarvis Started by jjarvis , October 30th, , AM. Started by jrfuda , January 9th, , PM. Is there a Blue Iris Guide or Manual? Auto Track by Rvtravlr. Started by Rvtravlr , October 17th, , PM. Blue Iris Plugin disconnects not updating Device Status by vjnexus. Started by vjnexus , October 14th, , PM. How to 'hold' profile by kriz Started by kriz83 , October 7th, , AM.

Cannot Log into blue Iris Server from plugin by syedamerali. Started by syedamerali , April 9th, , AM. BlueIris plugin installed and hanging up my Manage page. Error with BI Camera Alerts by simplextech. Started by simplextech , September 11th, , PM. Connection successful but no devices by politby.

Started by politby , September 12th, , PM. Blue Iris Discount Code by Miamijerry. Started by Miamijerry , September 2nd, , AM. Pop every seconds? Started by Miamijerry , August 31st, , PM. Error by Rvtravlr. Started by Rvtravlr , August 29th, , PM. Display status text not string by ZeroGravitas. BI ini file naming issue by simplextech. Started by simplextech , June 22nd, , AM. Motion to Camera? Started by Rvtravlr , August 22nd, , AM. Started by mulu , June 12th, , AM. Correction required in BI plugin documentation, trigger reset event.

Started by Fellhahn , July 22nd, , PM. Plugin does not work in Linux.

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