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At that time I think maybe this camera is not compatible with unbranbed.. The sd card is already dead. Try to reformat it using the camera, using third party app to format sd card, but the sd card cannot detected with PC and phone..

I inserted it to the camera.. Still working.. Teofy, answer for both questions are in few comments above. Try formating the SD card from a camera. I have the same issue but I just discover something… in my iPhone dosent work, but it does on the iPad and both apps are in the same version 2. Thanks for the detail article on this matter. I hope I will be able to get my self a real one.

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You are welcome Emily! You mention incorrect spelling in your article. Bellow means to shout, below means underneath. Seam is a join, whereas seem means to appear, and so on. Thanks for pointing that out. I appreciate it.

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I will try to correct those errors in future. My theory is the seller is building a reputation on Ebay and wants positive feedback. Therefore I felt they were a good bet for real products. Hi, I bought a SJ wifi cam a coulpe of months ago. I regret to tell you that the products you buy are counterfeit products! Please contact your dealer!

I would apreciate the help. Few people were having similar problems with iPhone. We came to a conclusion that this is most probably some sort of software error. Perhaps they did not update all serial numbers in the app, or something like that. In the meanwhile you can try to use some alternative sj apps in iOs store. For Android if you type on SJ bunch of third-party apps will appear.

I just spoke to SJCAM support team about the iOS app issue, and they told me that it is a bug, and will be fixed next week in an update. Fingers crossed until then. By the way, this is an official iOS app , not sure if you used that one. I have sj front logo ok. And qr-codes ok and comes me sjcamhd sites. Version nuber is UV02 Is that ok? Do you have any recommendation to what site I should stick to for FW updates and what android app should I get?

As far as I understand, sjcamhd is original site and sjcam is a retailer with no customer support? Thanks for your answer Kind Regards. Imho both of those cameras are the same, they are just changing software in order to make competitors cameras look like fake ones. SJCAM is trying to destroy themselves obviously.

Just do not worry, get any of those two, hardware is the same, so is the software with exception of an app.

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I bought my SJcam wifi from a trusted local shop in hong kong, ive done all the checks on it. Front logo, side sticker, case screws, spellings, versions etc. Im sure it is the original camera, however i still have issues with it, ill explain in more details below. After discovering the issues I have emails SJcam they did reply me twice, and after that they just ignored me….

The camera turns on, I can cycle through the menu, the only button that works its the mode button. If i attempt to push any other buttons it will crash…. Finding out there is a new firmware for it on the sjcam. It cured the problem however I cannot delete this firmware file from the SD card otherwise the problem will persist, another word the firmware refuses to stay in the camera without keeping the actual file on the card. The only problem im having right now is that, everytime i turn on the camera the firmware flashes it again and it takes around 20 seconds to boot up. Ive tried everything from formatting the card, but the only way it seems to work is to keep the firmware file in my SD card.

Hi Is this fake cam? Have you or anyone heard anything about The iOS app?

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Richard, there were few comments about it in this article, check it out. Long story short, its a mistake on their side, nothing wrong with the camera. Which iOs app are you using?

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Found out my own problem, the app aint ready for iOS 9. So people that updated their phones will for now have problem connecting trough SJCam zone. But with older versions it works fine! I do not give my own opinions about particular links, you have all the info you need in this guide, so just follow along and you will be safe.

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I put my serial number in on this web site and it says a fake but everything looks legit.. At first everything was fine, good video and pictures. Any help or advice about would be appreciated. Hi, First of all… I am very happy that you made this website! Hi Silvian, I do not do appraisals on specific link, as said in few other comments. Just follow the guide and you are on a good way. Are there any reasons why you suspect its fake? Does it work properly? I thought was the same company!!! I put my order and i see they have only option for the Singapore airlines for them!

I have read also your article about the cards, and i have a question please. I have follow your link for the cards speed etc.

I have not tested Kingston memory cards. Also I have not tested SJ so can not help on that one, sorry.

Sjcam sj4000 coupon
Sjcam sj4000 coupon
Sjcam sj4000 coupon
Sjcam sj4000 coupon
Sjcam sj4000 coupon

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