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For new PS4 players, and even though the PS5 feels quite near now it's been 'officially confirmed', there's no better time to consider jumping into all things PlayStation 4. There's an enormous games library, a swathe of peripherals to peruse, and a most refined system to play and plug them all into. Considering it's a blue time of year, what with going back to school, the days shortening and the warmth all but gone from the air, schnaffling one of the best cheap PS4 game deals of any description will see you reinvigorated and relight some further enthusiasm and interest in the coming weeks.

Be it a big, AAA game you've waited to drop in price, or a peripheral like a headset, or external hard drive, there is always something to consider.

And this very page will help you keep abreast of all the best cheap PS4 game deals currently available from all the major retailers. Whatever you need, or just straight-up want, chick in here to keep on top of the best prices for some of the biggest PS4 'things' around. And, of course, the PS4 Black Friday deals are coming in November, if you can wait a while for a bargain.

These cheap PS4 game deals will be updated and refreshed should anything major change, so you'll always be sure to get a good deal here. Our list covers, broadly but without being the length of an encyclopaedia, a range of things you might want to consider for your PS4 setup: accessories, hard drives, and the biggest titles.

Latest Black Friday news and reviews

Every single cheap PS4 game deal is a treat when it's to be found at a discounted price. Black Friday game deals It's that time of year again, and Black Friday is coming round quick. To ensure you don't miss out on the best gaming deals - PS4 or otherwise - keep checking back with us on our main deals page. View Deal.

PS4 Black Friday 12222: the best deals on consoles, games, PSVR, and more

You can grab it for half price, right now, at Walmart which is a great investment. This is a great price for one of the best online, multiplayer experiences going right now on PS4. It's now very much in impulse-purchase territory as a result. The PlayStation 4 Pro is the beefed up, premium and 4k gaming console from Sony.

It'll make landscapes lusher, creatures more colourful, and details, well, more detailed. PS4 Slim consoles are still flying off the shelves and for those yet to make the jump to 4K provide a fantastic point to enter the gaming world. Acoustic design: Closed Back Cable length: 1. This beast of a headset is one of our favourite PS4 accessories and offers some of the best sound going for a companion headset for your Sony console.

Best gaming deal predictions for Black Friday 12222, including PS4, Nintendo and Xbox

The beefy system within is housed in the Kraken's bold, striking design, but it is one that is still lightweight enough to not impose upon your comfort even in those longer play sessions. The size of the cans is probably a little on the large size but for good reason: the increased in housing size allows for the speakers to deliver a brilliantly boomy bass and bottom end which sounds fantastic in those AAA cinematic games but also when streaming music through your console.

You'll have no problem listening to your teammates over game noise and sound effects and the extendable microphone does a great job of enabling your voice to cut through the maelstrom and be safely delivered to your friends. There are no extra or hidden settings or fancy doo-hickeys on this headset, but its greatness comes from that: keeping it simple works and it does everything it needs to do very well.

At a very competitive price, the Kraken bats well above its average, particular when compared to those that would drain your wallet. This is another reason why it remains our top pick among our favourites: when quality and value are combined in this way, it's easily the best headset to recommend.

Best Buy Reveals Cyber Monday Gaming Deals

We've rounded up the best upcoming games in If you want a new TV to play your games console on, check out the best gaming TVs of And more for more gadget recommendations, take a look at the dedicated Sun Selects tech section. Take a look at The Sun Vouchers , to see if you can get extra savings across hundreds of retailers on Black Friday.

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Sign in. All Football. Joel Watson. Our tips for finding the best deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.

best ps4 deals uk cyber monday Best ps4 deals uk cyber monday
best ps4 deals uk cyber monday Best ps4 deals uk cyber monday
best ps4 deals uk cyber monday Best ps4 deals uk cyber monday
best ps4 deals uk cyber monday Best ps4 deals uk cyber monday
best ps4 deals uk cyber monday Best ps4 deals uk cyber monday

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