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Looking for a subscription deal for the Chicago Tribune? Get the Sunday Tribune and all its coupons! Sunday delivery is just. You can order up to two additional Sunday papers with tiered pricing to maximize your couponing power. Length of offer is 26 weeks of delivery. You cannot use these codes to sign up online, as the online system is only set up for one subscription.

You need to use this special phone number for this offer. After the introductory offer period, prices on future billing periods may be higher. Price good for a minimum of 26 weeks. Delivery will continue after the introductory period, and for all subsequent terms at our regular low rate unless the Chicago Tribune is otherwise notified.

Not valid with any other discounts. For new subscribers only or those who have not received home delivery in the past 30 days. To discontinue delivery, you must notify Chicago Tribune in writing or by phone. I need 7 day a week deal. Mom moved in with me and loves the daily paper.

Leah, call them back — I have paperwork from the Tribune outlining this deal and the codes are valid through January In fact, I renegotiated this week with the Tribune to extend these codes through ! Today they told me that that code now only applies to new subcriptions. One would have to cancel their subsciption and it woould have to be inactive for 30 days before calling to subscribe again with the discount code which may only work for a 3 month subscription. Any thoughts or ideas on this? Thank you. I really think the Tribune is guilty of false advertising.

The fine print on the bill says they can reduce the number of weeks or charge you extra for these. I am so mad about this that I may call an attorney that might file a class action lawsuit — even though only the lawyer may get rich — I feel from a principle standpoint, the TRIBUNE needs to be put on notice. I hate their special editions because they drastically shorten the actual subscription period.

Jill, my mom just tried to use the codes and was told she could only get one copy for the 75 cents a week price. But the codes look like she should be able to get two. Last time I subscribed, I was able to get 3 for that price. Any idea what is going on? Or are we doing this incorrectly? She gave them the both codes, the one for one copy and then the other one to add another copy. Brenda, according to the paperwork I have, all of the posted codes are still correct and active — last month I verified with them that they will all be good for another year. I would try to call and get someone else who may know how to put the codes together.

Let me know what you can find out. Be careful when you call — the rep continually tried to twist my order around to get me to agree to a different payment amount! Good to know!

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I do know that the grocery ads vary quite a bit in prices between Syracuse, Watertown, and Utica area based on whether or not they have a gas station Tops , etc. I almost always go by the matchup on this page and sometimes I get an surprise when I get to the store lol. At least not until my older ones are back to school. Thanks ladies for sharing the info about the differetn ads!! I have asked Tops to send me the advanced ad scans on thursdays for buffalo, rochester and syracuse. I was denied that last year— but Im think i will ask them again!!! Jennifer Bowman ok awesome!! Would you guys want it all the scans on the same page??

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Im emailing Tops management again and asking. I looked back and was denied that in — maybe they will accomodate it now!! Jennifer Bowman wow— that would be awesome!!! I know it takes some time to do that—whatever you can do Im sure everyone would approeciate it!!! Thanks again!!!

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I live in Syracuse and have home delivery of the Syracuse paper. They said that subscribers will get coupons, but if they run low then the copies sent to sell at the local stores may not have coupons. Your email address will not be published.


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    The Sunday Coupon preview gives you a sneak peek!

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